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Our complete range of primary plastic containers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics & filling machines for SDUs

Lameplast's single dose strips offer single dose applications of various capacities in strips of 5 units. Ideal for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, the single dose strips can be produced in various plastics to offer high chemical resistance. The ergonomic shape of the single dose lends itself to preservative-free liquids, gels and creams.

Lameplast's standard range of bottles benefit tamper evidence. All bottles can be customized according to specific marketing needs, through dedicated colours, pad printing and labeling.

Lameplast produces a number of specal bottles and applicators for internal use, designed specially for vaginal and rectal usage.

Lameplast is committed through its R&D department to support its customers’ needs in the most effective way. The accomplishment of Lameplast innovative packaging solutions and new polymers applications is witnessed by a number of important awards: 7 packaging Oscars, 2 Eurostars for Packaging and 3 Worldstars for Packaging.

The entire range of Lameplast containers can now be moulded in Bioplastic, made 100% from renewable source Unlike traditional plastics, Green Polyethylene is not made from oil, but from ethanol obtained from sugar cane. The result is an unique product with the same technical characteristics, appearance and versatility as traditional fossil-based polyethylene, as well as many other benefits:

  • Sustainable
  • Renewable
  • It helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • 100% recyclable

The Bioplastic used by Lameplast is I'M GREEN™ POLYETHYLENE by Braskem distributed from FKuR Kunststoff GmbH.


Lameplast is a member of ACTICOSPACK: a consortium project to develop active packaging solutions for reducing the levels of preservatives in the cosmetics at no harm of safety and quality. The active packaging technology is based on the interaction between the package and the cosmetic product: the cosmetic preservatives are included into the plastic package and progressively released to the product. This innovative technology may allow a significant reduction of the content of preservatives in the cosmetic products while increasing their shelf life.

Lameplast may directly supply its customers with single-dose packaging machines. The Pentafill machines guarantee total flexibility in response to a wide range of customer requirements, for industrial or smaller scale production, lab tests or research and development activities. The machines may be integrated by a wide range of optional parts for a tailor-made configuration.

  • PENTAFILL A: High speed fully automatic machine for industrial productions.
  • PENTAFILL SL: Linear semi-automatic machine, the ideal choice where flexibility is called for. Suitable for small rooms and available in two options according to required productivity.
  • PENTAFILL LAB: Bench machine for lab research and pilot productions.
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