LIBO Cosmetics

LIBO Cosmetics

Well-designed Cosmetic Packaging 儷寶化粧品有限公司 - 專業化妝品包材設計

Sustainable Management

LIBO Cosmetics is a quality cosmetic packaging manufacturer with a professional management team and a leading R&D department. The company was established on January 1, 2000, with production facilities in Dongguan, China and Changhua, Taiwan, and has since grown into a medium-sized enterprise.

Our company benefits from high-standard manufacturing facilities covering 12,000 square meters and real-time management capability, as well as 800 professional staff that strictly control the quality.

We are actively expanding our business into new areas as we develop innovative products and continue to achieve outstanding results.

Development and Innovation

Our products include cosmetic cases, lipstick cases, mascara bottles, lip gloss bottles, aluminum cases, etc, and we have cooperated with many famous companies around the world.

  • Excellent quality
  • Excellent price
  • Excellent service







  • 優良品質
  • 優勢價格
  • 優質服務

Global Presence

Our Taiwan factory primarily produces high-grade aluminum products and special-shaped lipstick tubes, while we specialize in plastic packaging in our Chinese facility.

Expanding for the benefit of global clients, LIBO has established a presence in the United States to take orders, provide flexible and fast service to our customers, enabling our company to actively expand into new business territories and local markets in order to effectively provide local service to our customers. 

The reason for our success is that we meet the unique needs of our customers in terms of products, and provide them with a full range of services. This includes a wide range of decoration and coating methods: silk-screening, hot stamping, transfer printing, electroplating, painting, etc., along with excemplary customer service.

At LIBO, we are setting new milestones for cosmetic packaging with increasingly innovative designs, manufactured at the best quality.