Libo unveils its push up make up and treatment dispensing system

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Libo Cosmetics, the Asian region's premier provider of packaging to the beauty sector, has released an innovative and interesting container/dispenser combo that's perfect for a number of products including foundations, treatments, and personal care serums that require ample dispensing or spread out coverage. The new combo set offers push-button dispensing to saturate an application pad that can be used to apply a product directly on the skin, without any other tools, complements, or applicators.

The small applicator combo has a reservoir that can hold all sorts of cosmetic or personal care products, even pharma items. The bottom of the container reservoir has a simple rubber push-button that pushes the product up to saturate the soft dispensing pad up top. When the applicator head has the product in it, the consumer can apply the product directly to the skin without having to fiddle with any sort of separate applicator. Everything is contained in one place, making it a sure bet as a daily item carried about in a purse, handbag or thrown into a travel or overnight bag.

Bottom-filled, the jars can be incorporated onto existing lines without having to make complex calibration changes. As the body is made of PCTG, heat on the line is never an issue, as the plastic is well able to deal with any elevated temperatures that may be present in machinery or the product itself during filling.

Each of the items in Libo's new push up line can be  decorated using any of the firm's various decoration options, including hot stamping, silk screening, metallizing, colouring, and more.

All creative processes are managed by Libo from the initial design phase through to prototyping. The company always makes sure to provide the best information to firms seeking a unique decoration solution.

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