Libo launches its new Duo line of lipstick packaging

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Taiwanese firm Libo Cosmetics, focused on innovative cosmetic packaging, has released its new line of Duo lipstick packaging. The tube is a small one, yet elegant and attractive. The cap is the focal point of the Duo line, however. It flips up to reveal a tiny compartment that can hold a second product, cutting down on having to carry around another piece of packaging.

Rather than have to sport about a lipstick tube and a small jar of gloss or gel, the consumer can buy one product and have them both in the same place, no fuss, no mess. Though designed as an item for the cosmetic market, the tube isn't limited to colour cosmetics, the concept can easily be adapted to a two-step lip treatment or a combo pack for sunscreen sticks.

Libo also happens to offer one of Asia's largest set of packaging decoration options, including industry standards like custom colouring, silk-screening, and hot-stamping, as well as a number of others that are more uncommon, like metallizing, pearlescence, flocking, and others.

With the Duo line, Libo has ensured that consumers can carry around less weight by incorporating two products into the same piece of packaging.

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