Libo Cosmetics releases its line of thick Lip Pencils

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Libo Cosmetics, over the last few years, has released a number of new items especially dedicated to offering companies options for taking standard items and decorating them with any number of the firm's special techniques. One of the company's latest additions to its line of standard packaging items is the Lip Pencil range, a safe bet for companies wishing to market a fun and whimsical way of offering cosmetics dedicated to the lips.

The new Lip Pencil range is made of hard and durable plastic that has a straight silhouette all around its circumference until it nears the dispensing top where it tapers to a traditional sharpened pencil form. Dispensing is performed through the traditional paradigm of twisting the base to push out the stick, with the difference that the product bar is thinner and easier to use for thin lines. Hence, the pencils can be used as a tool to line lips then fill in bordered areas.

The Lip Pencil paradigm also allows consumers to sharpen the tip in circumstances where an incredibly precise application is required. Further, though the packaging component was designed with lipsticks and glosses in mind, the container isn't limited to that area of the face. They could just as easily be used for eyeliners or spot blemish coverage, depending on what's required by the producing firm.

Each of the Lip Pencils offers a large amount of space on the exterior of the containers for decoration and the inclusion of marketing messaging. Being thicker than normal lip pencils, the new line fits better in the hand is more comfortable for consumers to use.

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