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The point of colour cosmetics is often to showcase precisely what those sorts of products offer - colour. Hence, covering up one of the key selling points of a cosmetic seems counter-productive. Libo Cosmetics, one of the Asian region's leading suppliers of cosmetic packaging has released an elegant and understated line of compacts and matching lipstick containers that provide companies with the means to show off their products without having to create fully transparent lines.

Libo's new Window line provides a slim opening on the closures of the containers to highlight the rich colours of products contained within. The aperture is molded as a part of the lid or cap top, integrating perfectly into the surface to create a smooth top. Each of the containers in the line is made of hard and durable ABS, with the windows being composed of SAN due to the latter material's high resilience and clarity.

All of the compacts and lipstick containers can be custom-decorated using any of the techniques for which Libo is known, including custom-colouring, metalization, hot-stamping, screen printing, laquering, and many more. As on the world's foremost experts in decoration, Libo offers customers the ability to take a standard product (such as the Window line) and make it truly unique, without having to opt for a custom-designed piece of packaging.

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