Libo's top window lipstick containers

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Libo Cosmetics has once again come up with an ingenious and simple way for companies to take advantage of adding a dash of pizazz to a lipstick container. By fitting a small recess on the top of the container and fitting a clear plastic top to it, the company can add in printed items, textures, embossed bits, and any number of other things to add some colour and style.

Each of the lipstick containers is made of hard, impact-resistant ABS to ensure they can be used on the go without fear of breaking apart while in transit. Libo, being one of the world's foremost packaging decoration providers, can tailor the lipstick containers to customers' needs through a number of techniques. Metallization is a popular option, allowing for a sleek appearance without the added weight of actually using metal to house the cosmetic.

The mechanisms used for the containers offer smooth, gliding ejection and retraction and are designed to be fluid from first use through last.

The top window option, which can be used for marketing messages, visual impact, colour categorization, and more ensure that the product is easily recognizable at a glance and can be distinguished from other containers easily. Inexpensive, the windows are a cost-efficient, simple way to make a standard or masstige line come alive.

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