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Libo gets real with the firm's new laser printing decoration

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Libo Cosmetics, an Asian firm recognized as a leading player in the decoration of cosmetic packaging for the luxury and masstige markets, now offers state of the art laser printing on many of its ranges.

The new technique came about as part of Libo's expansion and ensures that customers seeking to include visually stunning, real-world images on their packaging will be able to do so with little effort, depending on Libo's expertise to make the packaging come alive.

The colour range on the printing is able to reproduce just about anything a standard laser printing system would, except in this case, a special technique is used to get the image on to hard, smooth plastic rather than paper or some sort of synthetic sheet which is then applied to the packaging's surface. Hence, the printing skips the normal and more costly step of printing to an interim medium by going straight to the surface of the container.

Not only can laser printing be used to transfer exact photographic quality imagery to a component's surface, it can also be used to create patterning with a high level of clarity and edge integrity. As such, it may be more economical for companies to opt for laser printing if they plan on decorating with some sort of simple pattern, rather than go with more traditional print techniques.

All creative processes are managed by Libo from the initial design phase through to prototyping. The company always makes sure to provide the best information to firms seeking a unique decoration solution.

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