Making compacts stand out: 3D cut outs

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Libo Cosmetics, considered one of the world's best sources for innovative decoration options in the beauty packaging sector, is now making clear compacts stand out on the shelf, both figuratively and literally. The compacts come with a lid that sandwiches raised cut out pieces to add striking, three dimensional depth to pack's the overall presentation.

Compacts are normally thin items that are designed to take up as little space as possible. They're constantly being thrown in bags and purses with a number of other items and are only larger when they need to be in the form of palettes for avid home users or make up professionals on the job.

Most consumers apply one or two shades in the morning and keep them fresh with touch-ups throughout the day. What Libo has done is offer compacts that still retain the thinness of standard models while incorporating a dual layer lid that can house a cut out or similar element to give the lid depth and an eye-catching, distinguishing characteristic.

Libo can also offer the technique in combination with many other design elements, to create a piece of cosmetic packaging that may also feature hot-stamping, silk-screening, metallization, custom colouring, and  many more.

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