Libo releases a series of magnifying compacts

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Libo Cosmetics, the leading manufacturer of cosmetic packaging items for worldwide distribution, has released a line of compacts designed to entice consumers with a novel and attractive feature. Each compact offers small windows set in to the exterior surface that magnify the product contained within.

The compacts come in several sizes and configurations, making it easy for firms to select one that's in line with product requirements. Made of hard and resilient plastic, the compacts can be directly filled or accept godets in the multiple slots. Regardless of the method selected, once filled the magnifying tops of the compact catch and reflect colour, filling the top with luminescence and providing consumers with a glimpse of the product at a number of angles.

Apart from the functional aspect of the compacts (providing a clear and magnified view of the contained product) the compacts are also incredibly sleek and futuristic, offering a visual presence that's hard to beat. The elegant and almost severe lines of the compacts are softened by the bubble-like product windows and the silhouette created by each compact is decidedly stylish.

Libo even offers one large, single slot compact that's as distinctive as it is beautiful. The large space for the product is framed by the magnifying top to enhance visual appeal and make sure consumers see the rich colour of the product contained.

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