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Redefining decoration: Adding to metallization

  • LIBO Cosmetics
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Libo Cosmetics, one of the Asian regions best sources for packaging for the cosmetic and personal care spaces, now offers a novel and interesting combination of decorative techniques for compacts sure to attract attention in stores and when pulled out of bags or purses.

The metallization of a plastic base to create a slick and reflective surface is currently being done by many firms worldwide. The problem is, getting edges to be perfectly defined takes care and can't be done in a slapdash fashion. Libo has spent quite some time perfecting the craft of plastic metallization and has taken the discipline as close to perfection as possible given today's technology.

One thing Libo has done to distinguish its metallizing process from others is to combine it with silk screen printing. Again, printing on a metallized surface brings unique challenges to the table with regard to line edges, bleeding into the background, and colour blending. Libo's special process allows patterns to be printed directly on to the metallized coat maintaining clear, faithful edges.

The photos attached to this piece, for example, depict green metallized compacts with white printed flowers that seem as if the metallizing has been done with gaps that show the white plastic base underneath. The clever technique, however, is simply Libo's innovative decoration layering.

The compacts themselves are representative of the range of items available to be gorgeously decorated by the firm. Take a look at the Libo catalogue for more options.

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