Libo Cosmetics releases its Slim Card line of compacts

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Libo Cosmetics, long renowned for being a primary source for innovative cosmetic packaging in the Asian region and beyond, has released a line of compacts referred to by the firm as the Slim Card line. The new compacts are approximately the same height and width as a standard business card, though slightly higher to offer three round or square slots for colour cosmetics.

The compact is perfectly crafted to open and close throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Made of durable and hard plastic, the compacts can take a lot of punishment without leaving scuffs or scratches.

The closure system is a simple toggle that pops open and snaps shut securely, ensuring the compact can't open in a bag or purse and practically eliminating the possibility of creating a mess.

The dimensions of the compact provide a discreet container that can be taken about for daily use or that it can be placed in a clutch purse for touch ups at a special occasion. At 87mm wide, 55mm wide, and just 6mm high, the compacts are an elegant and inspired solution for consumers requiring products they can use on the go.

Each compact features three godet slots at 22mm wide and 4mm deep, just enough for a simple colour palette set for mixing and matching.

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