Libo releases a new range of rounded compacts

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Libo Cosmetics, one of Asia's primary sources of innovative packaging for the cosmetic sector, has just released a new line of thoroughly rounded, low compacts perfect for offering companies seeking to offer colour cosmetic products in a soft and elegant container perfect for emphasizing femininity.

Each of the new compacts in the line are molded to offer no sharp edges or pointy angles, ensuring a more pleasant tactile experience for the consumer. The compacts also feature ample, shallow godet slots which are matched by a thin top portion, together creating a compact that can hold an ample amount of product without being bulky or cumbersome. The surface area of the mirror housed within the top lid is also proportionately larger than most other compacts, ensuring ease of use throughout the application process.

Three different sizes are available (LB197, LB198, and LB199), such that a firm can market a full cosmetic trio of foundation, blush, and shadow. Made of sturdy ABS and SAN plastics, the compacts rely on a tight hinge to endure constant opening and closing without succumbing to breakage due to daily use.

Known internationally for its decorating capabilities, each compact is available in a number of standard colours, or can be customized according to the requirements of the customer. The large surface area of both the lid and container also ensures that a number of decorating techniques may be used to make the compacts stand out on the shelf, including hot stamping, silk-screening, metallizing, flocking, and more.

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