The new "Citrus" double-sided compact, by Libo

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Fresh and cute and designed for a younger, female market, Libo's new "Citrus" compacts are well designed items that not only look nice, they offer double the space of normal small compacts in a quirky format that's both attractive and functional. The compacts feature godet slots on two sides for complementary products.

Each of the compacts has two flip-top lids, so that each side can house a different product (as, for example, two different shades of a lip gloss) or so that two complementary products can be kept in the same place (as, for example, a blush and an eye shadow).

The best part of the compact is the centre piece, which serves as the opposite side of the product reservoir for each side. The centre piece features mirrors on both sides, to ensure application is a quick and simple procedure, rather than having to open one side, apply the product, then close the compact and check the mirror.

Current items available

Item number: LB-A066
Materials: ABS + AS
Size: ø52.8 x 22.0mm
Pan size: ø39.48 x 5.5mm

The configuration of the line allows a company to market an interesting solution to young consumers looking for something a bit more flashy than the standard compact.

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