The Multi-Purpose Lipstick Tube

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People these days are always on the go, and thanks to this, have to rely on keeping necessities with them at all times, like wallets, phones, computers, and other items. For many, make-up is also a necessity, and having a compact or a tube of lipstick handy is almost second nature. The problem is that products accumulate, and with so many cosmetic products available, consumers are forced to decide what to bring with them to the next cocktail party.

That's one of the reasons that Libo, a Taiwanese firm centred on innovative cosmetic packaging, has released its new Multi-Purpose Lipstick tube. The tube is a small one, yet elegant and possessing clean lines. The cap is the interesting part, though. It flips up to reveal a tiny compartment that can hold a second product, cutting down on having to carry around another piece of packaging. 

So, rather than have to sport about a lipstick tube and a small jar of finishing gloss or sparkle gel, the consumer can buy one product and have them both in the same tube. The compartment cap even has a minuscule mirror set into it which is the exact size required to apply lipstick effectively when a larger mirror simply isn't available. And the tube isn't limited to simple adorning cosmetics, either, the concept could easily be adapted to a two-step lip treatment or a combo pack for sunscreen sticks.

The best part is that Libo offers one of Asia's largest set of packaging decoration options, including industry standards like custom colouring, silk-screening, and hot-stamping, as well as its internationally renowned "lace printing" technique, a sort of flocking that's so detailed, it looks as if the lipstick tube has been veiled in lace, making the product even more feminine than it already is.

With its new Multi-Purpose Lipstick tubes, Libo has ensured that consumers will be able to carry around just a bit less, a major benefit when space in a bag is at a premium.

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