Black and white = simple elegance

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Libo Cosmetics, one of Asia's most innovative packaging producers for the cosmetic and personal care markets, has released a full line of cosmetic containers and complements oriented toward the simple elegance of black and white decoration. The new line takes the traditional concept of opposed visual elements to create unity, taking standard make-up tools and making them far more visually appealing and elegant than they would be with simple full colouring.

While black is normally considered too dark and white is too bright, LIBO has made the bold decision to juxtapose the two to offer a decidedly sophisticated appearance not found anywhere else. Companies no longer need to hem and haw between colour options for a desired effect, Libo has taken the guesswork out of creating a refined packaging concept in order to enhance a tasteful line.

The Pandora collection features square and straight line components to enhance sleekness and tidiness. The new decoration concept can be applied to any of the existing components in Libo's current catalogue.

Further, small improvements to existing lines have made the simplicity of the concept even more attractive. A good example is the inclusion of a pen cap clip on the mascara tube, ensuring it can be slid into a purse pocket and clipped in place for later use, offering  the consumer a simple way to get to the make up quickly without having to rummage through a bag. A small move, but a great idea. 

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