Lace decoration on cosmetic compacts, by Libo

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Libo, one of Asia's most innovative packaging producers for the cosmetic and personal care markets, has released a new decoration technique for its full line of make-up compacts. The new design option combines the look of a traditional feminine material with a traditionally feminine product to give the consumer a stylish and decidely female-oriented container that's both elegant and delicate in appearance, yet decidely mature.

The lacing pattern can be applied to just about any flat surface, which is why this first release uses compacts, as they're perfectly suited to the task.  The colouring of the compact can also be used to bolster the luxurious presentation, either contrasting with the pattern or in the same black tone to create an incredibly staid yet refined presentation. The lacing offers both a lovely tactile sensation and a visual impression of light and shadow.

The compacts, made of ABS plastic, are tough, durable, and built to be used over and over. They come in the following configurations:

  • LB-400A: Square compact with mirror, size 63mm x 63mm x 15mm ; round pan well, size: 50.3mm x 6mm.
  • LB-400F: Square compact with mirror, size 63mm x 63mm x 15mm ; 4-well eyeshadow case, size for each: 25.8mm x 17.1mm x 4.8mm
  • LB-400B: Square compact with mirror, size 63mm x 63mm x 15mm ; dual wells for blush and applicator, sizing for blush: 52mm x 24mm x 5mm
  • LB-A021: Double mirror compact, size: 76mm x 9mm

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