Libo's new Dual Lipstick/Gloss cases

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Libo Cosmetics, a professional Chinese manufacturer and designer of a wide array of packaging solutions for the beauty and personal care markets, has released a great new combo case for lipstick and lip gloss, ensuring that both products can be housed in the exact same container for consumer ease of use.

The dual function container ensures that consumers can easily take the adorable containers out of a bag in order to have both lipstick and lipgloss in one hand simultanesoulsy, a different proposition from conventional lipstick component designs. The packaging provides a smarter and easier way to colour lips as well as provide sheen. The cap of the lipstick component has been designed with gloss in mind, where a simple recessed top has been added to house the second product. The interior of the lid also provides a slot to include a mirror for use on the go.

Currently, the new dual concept is available in the following sizes:

LB-1008: Sizing: 22mm x 29mm x 76mm; Cup size for lipstick bullet: 12.1mm or 12.7mm

LB-1010: Sizing: 22mm x 25mm x 76mm; Cup size for lipstick bullet: 12.1mm or 12.7mm

LB-1014: Sizing: 23mm x23mm x 69mm; Cup size for lipstick bullet: 12.1mm or 12.7mm

Made of sturdy ABS plastic, the dual cases are ideal for marketing complementary lip care products for both cosmetic and personal care use.

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