Libo's Wearable Make-up Packaging

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Too often, we're burdened with items that serve a single purpose, and have to be lugged around. If the technology space has shown us anything, it's that people appreciate convergence - we like to have one thing that does a variety of tasks, like smart phones that allow us to organize tasks, surf the Web, check e-mail, take pictures, listen to music and, last but not least, make calls. Libo has done much the same thing on a somewhat smaller scale, by taking product packaging that's typically made to be thrown into a bag or purse, and has made it wearable.

Rather than be considered a burden, make-up can now be taken around as something glitzy, glamourous and fun to wear. The first run of the company's wearable make-up line features its signature four-petal floral design, in a variety of sizes, product types and target uses.

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