Diamond Set by Libo Cosmetics

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Elegance and high quality are combined in this “Diamond Set” created by Libo Cosmetics. Your lipstick, mascara and lipgloss cases will have a glittery distinction that all the ladies will just love. It is also available in a mini-size with keyrings to attach to mobile phones.

This packaging is made from top quality materials with excellent finishing for your beauty products. The basic “Diamond Set” is composed of lipstick, mascara and lipgloss cases, additionally you can also apply this diamond decoration to Libo’s jars or compacts.

Libo Cosmetics Co., Ltd can design and produce the product you desire based on your needs and requirements; they also supply OEM service.

Their products are sold worldwide, in Europe, North America, Brazil and Asia and their customers at home and abroad are more than satisfied with their products.

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