Matt liquid lipstick packaging

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Specialist in the manufacture of make-up packaging, LIBO Cosmetics offers a selection of innovative square lipsticks that glide seamlessly onto lips to create an airy, weightless matt lip color.

Easy to swipe, smudge and blend: Apply any formulation quickly and effortlessly. LIBO can offer multiple doe foot applicator options for precise and controlled application, plus a range of decoration options. Contact us for details!

Product Ref: LB-B019 LB-B019A LB-B019D LB-B020 LB-B021
Width: 21.30mm 21.25mm 21.30mm 17.40mm 24.10mm
Length: 21.30mm 21.25mm 21.30mm 17.40mm 24.10mm
Height: 83.00mm 86.00mm 86.00mm 68.10mm 93.80mm
Volume: 5.10ml 5.40ml 5.10ml 2.25ml 6.75ml


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