LIBO's eco-friendly series of PET refills

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The PET refillable collection is part of our eco-friendly series of color cosmetic products.

The refillable compacts come in 3 convenient sizes to fit your needs, while the heavy wall refillable lipstick is made of 100% PET so that it can be refilled many times and then recycled completely.

LIBO offers a number of decoration choices including silk-screening, hot stamping, metalizing, coloring and more and all the processing is done by the company in-house.

With a trendy packaging look, the PET refillable collection is great for enhancing the product visibility of your brand, as well as being eco-friendly.

LIBO's eco-friendly series of PET refills includes:

Click on the product reference number to view that product's specifications in the catalog, or contact us for more information about this eco-friendly series.

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