Doe foot applicators for every liquid formulation

  • LIBO Cosmetics

LIBO offers a variety of different doe foot applicator forms that are ideal for creating different make up effects and can be used with different formulations.

Choose between the different options:

  • A firm applicator that provides precise and controlled application. The tip helps to define lips to create a plumped appearance.
    Ideal for various products in addition to lip gloss, such as concealer, cream eyeshadow and many other color cosmetics.
  • The applicator has the flexibility to deliver smooth and comfortable application and spread the product evenly. Suitable for various products including lip gloss, concealer, liquid blush, bronzer and highlighter.
  • An applicator designed to hold more product, cover more surface area, and reduce application time!
  • LIBO's jumbo doe foot applicator can spread the formulation evenly on a large surface area. It's ideal for concealer and lip gloss.
  • An applicator designed to highlight any unique formulation. Its small tip helps to reach the corner of the lips and ensure a smooth product finish. It's perfect for both concealer and lip gloss.

LIBO offers a range of decoration options for brands, and all processing can be done in-house, whether silk screening, hot stamping, metallization or other decoration choices.

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