Maroon Blade Applicator

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Introducing the new patented Maroon Blade Applicator! A new applicator design that delivers both on look and functionality.

The patented Maroon Blade Applicator is inspired by the shape of a spatula however provides the precision of a liner for ultimate lip definition. The look and feel of the applicator is unique and unlike any other applicators in the market. It allows the product to glide on lips or brow area effortlessly to achieve beautiful makeup look.

The fine tip of the applicator is perfect for lining lips or adding definition to the brows easily. With the Maroon Blade Applicator, you can enhance lip shape and transform shapeless, undefined brows with just a few strokes. Draw incredibly natural-looking brows, as this applicator is ideal for spot-filling sparse areas

Available in no flocking and flocked options, suitable for various products, lip gloss, brow powder, liquid, lipstick and more! 

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