Libo's Aluminum Como Beauty Stick Series

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The Como Beauty Series is the perfect illustration of combining luxury and sustainability.

The patented lipstick series is made from 100% aluminum and can be completed in silver, bronze or gold tones. The metallic design is both classic and eye-catching, featuring a unique circular clasp that connects the body to the lid.

As the series is 100% aluminum, one of the most recycled and recyclable materials, these striking packs also work towards a circular economy. In addition to being highly recyclable, aluminum has other packaging benefits such as its strength and that it is lightweight. The production of this series helps reduce manufacturing costs and energy consumption.

Decoration options are available: Silk-screening, hot stamping, metalizing and more. All the processing can be done at Libo's in-house facilities.

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Libos Aluminum Como Beauty Stick Series

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