High Shine Jelly Lip Gloss Packs

  • LIBO Cosmetics

Frosted High Shine Jelly Lip Gloss is a feast for the eyes!

Libo Cosmetics has been able to achieve a translucent glow across their lip gloss packs. By use of frosting decoration and a light helping of color, the formula can playfully be displayed through the packaging like a jelly bubble.

The applicator and pack allow for easy swiping, smudging and blending. The packs can be used in conjunction with a range of doe foot applicators for precise and controlled application.

Additional decorative services can be applied in-house at Libo’s facilities, including silk-screening, hot-stamping, and metalizing among others.

See LB-B002 & LB-B002B product dimensions and doe foot applicators in the catalog.

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