The App collection in Green PE

In a market that is increasingly driven by concern for environmental protection and sustainability, Lumson has decided to go green by introducing a brand new plastic material to the App collection.

Appropriately named Green PE, this material is produced using sugarcane ethanol which is an alcohol-based, renewable fuel.

In contrast, the production of traditional polyethylene requires fossil-fuel resources, such as oil or natural gas. The unique system by which Green PE is produced captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during manufacturing, helping to reduce overall greenhouse gas emission.

Lumson decided to apply Green PE not only to its standard plastic collections, but also to the airless systems. This combination helps attain the goal of maintaining the technological integrity of the Airless system while at the same time, being environmentally-conscious.

Available in 30ml and 50ml capacities, App in Green PE stays true to the innovative performance and characteristics of the airless system with pouch:

  • No air intake protects sensitive ingredients and reduces the use of preservatives
  • “Tamper-proof” airless system to protect your formula
  • Very low product residue after total dispensing 95%
  • Flawless functionality with a range of formulas, from low to high-density bulks
  • Wide selection of customization, unique and innovative.
  • Controlled dosing

Furthermore, there are infinite decoration possibilities available, examples include: mass coloring, pump metallization, pouch coloring, customization of accessories, and a variety of both traditional and innovative printing

Lumson, the green way for responsible packaging recycling.

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