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Beiersdorf chooses Lumson for new Eucerin packaging

  • Lumson - Italy
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Beiersdorf AG has chosen Lumson's 30ml Circus glass bottle in combination with the aluminum overshelled AB266 pump and overcap for the launch of the New Eucerin® Volume Filler Concentrate.

New Eucerin Volume Filler Concentrate boosts the effect of the daily anti-age care to restore lost volume for a rejuvenated look – without dermatological treatment.

Dermatologists know that ageing causes skin to lose volume and thus shape, and offer invasive 'Face Volumizing' treatments to restore the lost volume. Eucerin research was inspired by this approach and developed as cosmetic solution Volume-Filler Concentrate to intensify the efficacy of daily anti-age care to re-volumise the skin through a unique combination of three active ingredients:

  1. Highly effective Magnolol activates the skin by increasing the amount and size of volume-giving cells
  2. Oligo Peptides stimulate the collagen network responsible for a firmer skin structure
  3. Hyaluronic Acid intensively moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles

Used once daily in combination with the daily anti-age care, the skin is noticeably firmer with redefined contours, wrinkles are reduced and the skin looks rejuvenated.

The good efficacy and tolerability has been proven in clinical and dermatological studies. Beiersdorf selected Lumson's Circus 30ml bottle in frosted glass. The clean and simple design is combined with the AB266 pump, featuring a silver aluminum collar and white actuator, completed by a red Eucerin aluminium overshelled AB266 overcap.

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