New Lumson lipstick range

Lumson is proud to launch at Cosmopack a new range of lipsticks, characterized by Italian Design and manufacturing. Different shapes, which are unique thanks to the wide range of decoration techniques that Lumson can offer to his customers: from screen and tampo printing, to hot stamping, offset and the brand new Pop Up technique.

The customer can totally customize his lipstick, choosing among a large variety of decoration options. Close to traditional ones, there is the new digital printing called by Lumson "Pop Up Effect": this technique allows to perfectly reproduce the decoration on each component, without any variation in colour and thickness - normally present in traditional decoration techniques. Another great benefit for consumer is the pleasant soft touch effect felt while taking into his hands a product decorated with pop-up effect, as he can really feel the image under his fingers and follow the lines of the graphics represented.

Through PopUp, it’s possible to obtain a final embossed effect on the decoration, through a dedicated optional passage of thick clear finishing – that can be either glossy or matt.

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