Magnetic Packaging

Magnetic Packaging

Magnetic Packaging Inc. provides customizeable dispensing solutions at the heart of effective packaging.

Integrated product and complete 'turn-key' solutions for the perfume, skincare, and medical markets.

Magnetic Packaging offers an incredibly wide range of customizable dispensing solutions that are flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Whether a spray or pump, airless or metal-free, Magnetic has different dispenser body structures available to ensure effective and reliable product dispensing for the perfume, skincare, and medical markets.

The company's products are sold worldwide through its standard and luxury packaging solutions that are perfectly tailored to the product formulation for precision dispensing.

When opting for customized packaging, the aesthetic impression of the form and colour combinations are essential for generating shelf appeal and enhancing customer desire for the product. Customized dispensing solutions provide brands the opportunity to enhance brand appeal within the target market and significantly increase the prospect of repeat purchases.

The company is aware that consumers have far more options to choose between now than ever before and in order for brands to seal their company credibility, product credibility is directly related to the user-experience. Poorly elected packaging reflects upon the product and in turn the brand.

Magnetic's customizeable dispensing solutions ensure that any liquid products can be effectively and efficiently dosed and the Taiwanese company makes its dispenser recommendations according to the requirements of the product formulation for maximum consumer satisfaction.

Whilst it may be what is on the outside packaging that catches the eye of the consumer, it is what is on the inside that guarantees the effectiveness of the packaging and the reason why Magnetic's customizeable dispensing solutions are the heart of its compelling packaging options.

Magnetic Packaging has a strict quality control system and adheres to the world's most recognized quality management standards, including ISO 9001:2008. The company is fully committed to quality, security and the environment, respecting all the legal requirements and specific applicable regulations to protect its employees and the Earth as a whole.