Magnetic's fragrance bottles offer both elegance and the illusion of movement

  • Magnetic Packaging Inc.

Magnetic packaging has released a line of bottles designed to take further advantage of the third dimension. The new bottles are set within a circular mount that allows the bottle to turn 360 degrees, offering an interesting, quirky look that offers the illusion of movement and sets them apart from anything else on the shelf.

Each pack is composed of a highly compatible glass bottle that's perfect for just about any traditional fragrance composition. The circular halos are made of thick rigid plastic that provide enhanced protection for the bottles as well as the ability to turn completely along the vertical axis. By doing so, the bottle can actually spin to offer limited movement that's far more appealing than a static object that sits there and doesn't do much more.

The best part of the 360 degree bottles is the fact that they're not just form without content. The atomizing pump system included with the bottles provides smooth, clean dispensing that doesn't snag. The dosing is consistent and lasts from first use all the way through last.

Magnetic Packaging, one of Taiwan's premier firms specializing in providing an integrated product and complete turn-key solutions for the fragrance, skin care, and medical markets, provides an integrated product and complete "one-stop-shop" solution for the fragrance, skin care, and medical markets. The company has the know-how and in-house capabilities to develop and produce products according to the world's most recognized quality management standards.

Precision, consistency and reliability are the ethos of Magnetic Packaging which provides not only standard solutions for a variety of industries and services, but also focuses on luxury packaging for popular brands who count on the high levels of service provided from first contact through to post-purchase support.

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