Magnetic presents its handy sized airless cosmetic bottles

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There is no one typical type of consumer and neither is there one universal product that everyone wants to use. For that reason Magnetic presents its handy sized airless cosmetic bottles for the consumer who likes to try new things and have a lotion bottle in a size that can easily be slipped into their hand luggage, or their handbag.

The bottles are comprised of PP, making them lightweight and a perfect choice for treatment lotions that may react with containers with a lesser chemical resistance. As an airless bottle, the product stays in its ready state and cannot react with moisture, air or other contaminants until expelled from the bottle, ensuring that it is fresh for use each when the consumer chooses to apply it. The bottles work in combination with a PE piston seal and a primarily PP pump, which ensures a metal-free pathway for the product.

Magnetic Packaging's airless cosmetic bottles have a perfect round shape which is matched exactly by a clear PC overcap. Both bottle and overcap have a diameter of 33mm giving the piece a tall, sleek-looking silhouette.

The 30ml size PPAR30-1  has an overflow capacity of 33ml and stands at a height of 112mm and the 50ml size PPAR50 bottle has an overflow capacity of 54ml and reaches a height of 142mm. Both capacities comply with airline security limitations for liquid products, whilst the 30ml bottle provides the perfect size for an introductory product or cosmeceutical ranges, the 50ml is perfect for special product runs and gift packs as well as standard lines.

The bottles can be decorated according to branding with anodizing, spraying, silk screening, colour printing, hot stamping, embossing, debossing, coating, etc.

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