Magnetic Packaging's pump lotion bottles

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The new pump lotion bottles from Magnetic Packaging are available in 2 sizes and fashioned from PETG. The slim bottles are designed to fit with ease into the palm of the hand with the pump moving easily with the push of the finger.

The lotion bottle offers a metal free pathway for the lotion from the bottle through the pump and out into the hand, ensuring that there are no compatibility issues between the lotion and the packaging so that even difficult formulations are not a problem. Furthermore, the pump system provides smooth, clean dispensing that is consistent from first use all the way through to the last.

Both bottles have a diameter of 42mm with the CP120 reaching 160mm and the CP150 reaching 187mm in height. To fit branding and ensure they stand out on the shelf, Magnetic Packaging offers a number of decoration options including; anodizing, spraying, silk screening, colour printing, hot stamping, embossing, debossing, coating, etc.

Magnetic Packaging's pump lotion bottle is available supplied as a complete packaging pack with PETG bottle, ABS and aluminium pump and PETG overcap.

Magnetic's pump lotion bottles are one of the company's standard solutions which Magnetic produces for a variety of industries and services. The company also develops luxury packaging for many well known popular brands.

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