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Magnetic Packaging is one of the largest pump manufacturers in Taiwan and the most specialized in Asia

Portable bottles and containers can be put in the pocket or a bag, thus being able to be carried around. Magnetic Packaging is specialized in producing compact and sophisticated aluminum-made portable perfume bottles, roller bottles, sampling stick perfume bottles and rotary perfume bottles, which are all different from the common plastic sprayers. We custom make bottles of various capacities and shapes according to your brand image and specific demands, offering up to 15 types of surface processing for choice. Whilst, we combine top-notch crafts, such as leather clad, enamel lining and jewel ornamentation to upgrade your product image and help you meet the market trend.

Magnetic Packaging custom makes all kinds of bottles and containers for skincare products that meet market needs, where every bottle/container comes with an ideal pump to ensure it makes perfect dispensing. Our featured products include aluminum-covered glass bottles for high-end markets or vacuum bottles with external springs for organic contents and crystal clear thick bottles for lotions. these elaborately designed packaging offers consumers a perfect user experience and allows your products to turn heads in the market.

The selection of a good pump, for spray angle or mist continuum, will be reflected in the consumer's user experience and affect whether a customer continues to purchase, in turn, which will translate to the continued power of consumption.

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