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The highly decorative Twist Perfume Bottle from Magnetic Packaging has been especially designed to be on display on the bedroom dresser so that both the scent and its housing can be enjoyed. At 10cm tall, this perfume bottle is a bold, statement piece with its enamel finish featuring crystal inlay, making it an ideal perfume pack as a gift for special occasions.

The twist up mechanism can be activated by a single hand, rotating the upper part of the dispenser with the fingers and thumb, so the actuator rises from within the main body whilst yielding a gentle, caressing sensation to the finger tips.

The main body and cap of the Twist Perfume Bottle are comprised of aluminium with the decorative features made in enamel along with inlaid miniature crystals. Any specific pattern and colour is available upon request. The inner tube and sleeve of the main body are made of POM and PP respectively.

The perfume receptacle is glass and there is the option of either a screw on or crimp on neck. The actuator is PP, while its shell is aluminium to match the perfume bottle. The perfume vial has a capacity of 22ml and the refill is easy to both extract and re-insert from the Twist Perfume Bottle - gently pull on the actuator when it is twisted up, or gently push back in then twist back down and hey presto!

Alternative decoration options from Magnetic Packaging include double anodising, anodising, dye diffusing, hot stamping, coloured stickers, heat transfer, laser engraving, silk screening and pattern stamping.

Specifications for Magnetic's Twist Perfume Bottle

Product number: SU 20
Overflow capacity: 22 ± 1ml
Size: 30 x H103mm

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