Kevin Sun shares his management experience: Creating mutual benefits for your company and your customers

  • Magnetic Packaging Inc.

Magnetic Packaging received the honour of the 2016 Taichung Golden Hand Awards for Outstanding SMEs organized by the Taichung City Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee and the Golden Hand Award Winners Association.

Kevin, what makes Magnetic Packaging different from other companies in the same space?

We established Magnetic Packaging in 1993. We believe in Quality, Innovation, and Sustainable business model. For more than 24 years, we’ve been through countless product development, equipment upgrade, facility expansion, and most importantly, the growth of Magnetic team. We always add viability with what we believe in and what we do every day.

For the recent 3 years, we focused in working with more international brands, such as: L’Oreal, Chanel, Guerlain… By cooperating with these companies, we enhanced our facility and equipment with massive upgrades, and the benefit endures immensely. We get to know more international companies with positive recommendation. We all look forward to witnessing the better and upscale Magnetic Packaging solution being adopted in more products, achieving the ultimate goal of igniting the happiness of Magnetic employees, customer satisfaction, benefits for everyone.

Please share with us your secret to creating a successful packaging solution.

At Magnetic, we always say: “Dispensing Pump of Precision” is like a heart to human body. You can’t see it but it’s the key to a successful packaging, and has been a necessary component for daily commodities, whether for beauty & cosmetics, food & beverage, or pharmaceutical purposes. We’ve been innovated the dispensing pump structure with non-stop research and development in all aspects, the basic actuator design to make it work as smooth as possible, the shape of how it looks, the material that’s environmental friendly. All the details that we focus are to satisfy our customer requirements or they are the criteria that’s critical we foresee the need to improve. It also pushes us to develop the new “Adjustable Micro Dispensing Pump”

What services does Magnetic provide? What changes does it make?

Dispensing pump solution is not uncommon, it can be seen in almost every packaging we use every day for skincare and cosmeceutical products. As said, we focus in dispensing pump design and have many different types of dispensing pump selection including lotion pump, airless dispensing pump, perfume sprayer, no-metal contact dispensing pump… In order to satisfy growing demands, we also design and provide perfume packaging bottles.

For the moment, we have lotion bottle with aluminum shell, travel spray perfume bottle, roll-on bottle, perfume bottle with dipping stick, and twist-open perfume bottle ready for the market. We work with companies closely to find out their actual needs and target in order to provide individual tailored service accordingly. Our advanced decoration technique adds more value to a product by developing different surface treatments, genuine leather cover, enameling, jewelry accessory attachment… and many more. All these special techniques create the most unique product that no other can be compared with. In other words, Magnetic Packaging turns ordinary to extraordinary.

Have you experienced any challenges since Magnetic was established in 1993? How did you overcome them?

Challenge is everywhere, because we challenge everything. Sometimes, it can be really tough and complicated. What we insist is to overcome the difficulties we encounter with solution that makes everyone happy.

For example, we work with a lot of local suppliers for many sub-contracted project. We have to manage 100% control to production quality assurance and watch out confidentiality of technical support. What we do is to create an open and mutual trust system with our sub-contract supplier. Instead of hiding certain criteria like most Taiwanese companies do here, we entrust sub-contract suppliers with fully technical support, there’s no “business secret” when we have to complete a project with them. We believe this is the only way to ensure product quality, and it helps sub-contract suppliers to grow and develop. 

The other challenge is “To Innovate”. Being a professional packaging supplier, we have to always challenging ourselves to create and innovate. For us, to innovate is to make good change, to make a product better. With all the challenges we overcome, we position ourselves in the leading place and determine to be unique. 

What is Magnetic Packaging's develop plan?

Beauty and cosmetic market goes up and down with global economic. There are enormous change for the global market, like the low birth rate and ageing population, which have already made things very different from how it was before. We see opportunities from these changes. The entire beauty & cosmetic business cycle can be divided into supply system, contract manufacturing, and distributing. For the moment, Magnetic Packaging is part of the supply system by providing packaging service, we have more space to grow to the contract manufacturing circle that is within our business scope as a sustainable company.

There are many enterprise companies in Taiwan that were started around 1950s and now they have next generation to take over the family business. The question for them is how to run the family business and continue to grow the team. We do things differently, we have the professional engineering team as the core of Magnetic Packaging that can be continuously growing and Magnetic will live on based on the team.

We target in unique design and differentiating ourselves from others in order to create the advantages. We will continue to challenge for the best quality that we should achieve. We want companies to work with us, to see Magnetic as their business partners, the mutual benefit between Magnetic and customers is the priority when we manage customer relationship.

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