Magnetic's new "Multi-Dosage Dispensing Pump" line delivers key consumer benefits

  • Magnetic Packaging Inc.

Magnetic has long been known as a professional and trustworthy supplier of cosmetic and personal care packaging for the international market. Based in Taiwan, the company has successfully shipped solutions worldwide for numerous brands. Magnetic's latest item is a gorgeous PETG container paired with a variable dose dispenser pump, perfect for skin care products and treatments.

The first thing that catches the eye is the container's brilliance and clarity. The PETG composition of the bottle ensures a sparkling finish that can clearly set off the contents. The square shape of the bottle also goes a long way to making sure light is refracted along the edges, increasing luminosity. The surface practically gleams.

The dispensing pump is also attractive consumers. It's nondescript appearance creates an unobtrusive top to the pack but it's in its use that it really stands out. Consumers can select various dosage settings to ensure the right amount of product is dispensed according to their needs. The twist-and-lock format also features an "off" setting so that the product can be transported safely in a purse or bag, making it exceedingly portable. With settings of 0.2ml, 0.3ml, and 0.5ml, the pump offers incredibly accurate dosing.

Available in a popular 100ml size, the combo is ideal for treatments and personal care products of all sorts!

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