Consumers take control with Magnetics Multi-Dosage Pump

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Personalization is a key trend across a breadth of industries at the moment as consumers demand products tailored to their needs, tastes and desires. As the trend gets ever more targeted, Magnetic Packaging's Multi-Dosage Dispenser Pump offers a clever solution.

A key player in the luxury packaging space, Magnetic is well known for providing dispensing solutions that lead market trends. The Taiwanese company's customizable products can be seen in use around the globe as brands look to source packaging that delivers.

The Multi-Dosage Pump from Magnetic Packaging has been especially designed with the end-user in mind. With 3 different dispensing capabilities, the consumer can choose the amount of product they wish, in each and every actuation of the product.

3-in-1 Multi-Dosage Dispensing Pump

By controlling the amount of product that is dispensed, the consumer takes control, avoiding problems with premature depletion or messy dispensing when a smaller amount of product is required.

A choice of 0.2cc, 0.3cc or 0.5cc product can be dispensed with an easy twist of the pump head which is accordingly marked on the pump's collar. The pump also features a locked position as an extra feature to avoid unexpected or unwanted dispensing at inopportune moments.

The pump's screw neck ensures that it can be fitted to different container volumes and the metal-free pathway keeps the product fresh and safe from contamination, allowing for a range of different cosmetic and personal care products to be apportioned.

Magnetic's Multi-Dosage Pump is perfect for beauty brands that target active consumers that are looking for a personalized experience with their beauty products. It is also ideal for cosmeceutical products that may require different product amounts for application at different times.

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