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Magnetic Packaging's Core Values : PUMP innovation

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Magnetic Packaging consistently works to improve and provide its customers with the best possible product in the business. Specializing in pumps, the company offers product customization, develops high-quality metal accessories (including collars and actuators), and is flexible enough to adapt its production to each individual customer's needs, as it provides consultation to find the most suitable solution for any given product. Now, Magnetic cover a variety of pump series:

  • Eco-Friendly plastic pump
  • Lotion pump
  • Airless pump
  • Multi-Dosages pump within one engine
  • Cleansing oil pump
  • Perfume pump
  • Fine mist sprayer pump
  • Hand sanitizer pump

In order to avoid conflicts, most products also have patent protection. Magnetic's factory provides both OEM and ODM pumps, but it's also open to delivering engine-only solutions and client-based designs with unique designs. In the past few years, the company invested in upgrading its tools and machines to control better quality from the very beginning of production.

To ensure delivery times, Magnetic has also included injection machines and can provide injection parts developed in-house, as well as assembling services.

Contact us now and let us help you find the best solution for your product.

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