Magnetic's Leather Wrapping Adds a Touch of Glamour to Perfume Atomizers

Magnetic Packaging is always developing new ideas that cater to customers invested in the beauty industry. That's why the company has a line of perfume atomizers that is dressed to impress... in leather! The range of slim perfumes features a sophisticated layer of leather wrapped around the bottle and the cap giving the line a standout look and luxury feel.

For its line of leather-wrapped perfume atomizers, Magnetic Packaging dresses each perfume bottle individually as every piece of leather is sewn and wrapped by hand. The sewing can be part of the bottle's decoration or it can be hidden from view as it can also be decorated with stamping and printing techniques.

While the leather gives an exquisite look to Magnetic's perfume atomizers, it also captivates the senses with its distinctive earthy smell and soft feel which tantalizes the fingertips.

The leather-wrapped range is available in 7 different configurations with capacities of 1ml, 6ml, 10ml, 12ml and 17ml, and vary in length from that of the average forefinger to a comfortable 117mm, which fits snugly into the palm of the hand, offering a size and look for every occasion - and any size purse!

Shiny aluminium features both complement and contrast with the leather, whilst underneath the wrapping the cap and base liner are both PE and the bottle is made of glass ensuring that there are no compatibility issues with the perfume.

Love it? Get in touch now and delight your customers with the leather-wrapped perfume atomizer.

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