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    Maxwell Chase Technologies

    Maxwell Chase Technologies

    Absorbent packaging & equipment.

    Maxwell Chase Technologies LLC. specializes in the development and manufacturing of absorbent packaging that delivers freshness and extends the shelf life of fresh and fresh-cut foods. The company holds several patents that cover its absorbent packaging including trays, pads, pouches, retail containers, mini containers, and its semi-automatic & automatic slicers. Maxwell Chase has an ongoing commitment to research and development, with specific emphasis on food safety and shelf life extension.

    Maxwell Chase Technologies’ food packaging solutions improve quality and extend shelf life in fresh foods, including fresh-cut fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood around the world. The Company’s equipment line integrates with their packaging to deliver superior yield and substantially lower labor costs. The Company also offers Ice Wrap® products, which are cost-effective replacements for gel packs, dry ice or regular ice, due to shipping them dry then hydrating and freezing in-house for a complete solutions lineup for food processors, grocers, and others.

    Maxwell Chase Technologies’ forte is to design specific packaging solutions for a variety of applications. The Company’s aim is to offer cost-effective packaging and equipment that delivers freshness, extends shelf life and absorbs excess fluids and juice from fresh foods.

    Food Packaging

    The Fresh-R-Pax® absorbent technology comprises of a patented blend of food-safe ingredients that comply with both FDA and EU food contact regulations, as well as being natural food ingredients. This technology which extends the shelf life and quality of fresh-cut foods incorporates into absorbent pads, pouches, trays, retail containers, and mini containers. These are sold in different sizes and shapes to meet your product and packing needs, no matter the item.


    IceWrap® is a cost-effective ice blanket that maintains the quality of temperature-sensitive products during shipment. It replaces dry ice, regular ice and gel packs during shipment. It will not freeze your sensitive products like dry ice, it won’t melt like ice, and it will not cost to ship water like gel packs due to its light weight before hydration.

    Processing Equipment

    MCT Equipment offers semi and fully automated slicers, tray sealers, and pouch fillers. The equipment fully integrates with the company’s absorbent food packaging and cuts costs while improving yields. We are constantly inventing new ways to make it more cost-effective and easier to pack your product in our packaging.