VectorPro™ Lite Data Acquisition And Plotting Software

For Vortex-dV and Mecmesin digital instruments (Tornado, Orbis, and AFTI).

VectorPro™ Lite enables the same basic test routines that are available through the Vortex‑dV panel controls, to be set up and stored on a PC, with their settings, for re-use. Any single test routine can be uploaded from VectorPro™ Lite to the dV test stand, and can be run from the software to provide real-time torque/angle/time plotting.

- Live plotting of tests, with close-up graph examination. Switch axes, zoom, pan, view data point values. Offset sample traces for clarity and comparison, and add annotations. Any results can be re-viewed at any time.
- Standard calculations can be added to the test profiles to provide a selected range of results, basic statistical analysis, and pass-fail criteria for samples tested.
- Results and raw data are stored, and can be exported as .tab, .csv or Excel® files for external SPC programs, or printed in report format.
- Create personalised workspaces to simplify operations. Apply permissions to control who can access, run, edit or create tests, view results, and produce reports.
- Drag and drop all the elements needed to create a test routine, apply calculations and build reports. Create repeatable tests in moments and refine them as you go.
- Version tracking and results storage, along with customisable test summary information.
- Multi-language switching

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