The LiquiFlapper Closure

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Within the last few decades, we've begun to see a variety of improvements over simple caps and closures. Consumers often become disenchanted when pouring liquids out of seemingly attractive containers, only to realize dispensing is more difficult than they expected, because of glugging, messes, leaks or liquids that just seem to pour too quickly or slowly.

Weatherchem has effectively revolutionized the packaging market with its unique LiquiFlapper® closure.

Foremost, the LiquiFlapper closure is a one-piece system.  It doesn't need to be unscrewed, and it doesn't need to be set down on the counter where it may roll off and disappear under the sink. It flips open and snaps closed with an audible snap, assuring the consumer of a tight, leak-resistant seal that locks in freshness and provides security when the container houses harsh or hazardous chemicals. As it's one piece, it can be opened and closed with one hand, providing convenience to the average consumer and a system that both seniors and small kids with less dexterity appreciate. Don't be fooled, though, the closure is tough, resistant, and closes securely, so that household mishaps won't lead to household messes.

The LiquiFlapper also features a handy cut-off spout. Tilting the container back slightly immediately cuts off the flow of product. A simple and elegant solution, this gives the consumer a very high level of control over the flow rate. Imagine a bottle of milk topped by the LiquiFlapper: with one hand, the consumer can open the product, pour a good amount of milk onto his cereal, add a few drops to his coffee, then set the bottle down and snap it shut, all in the same motion. The LiquiFlapper’s butterfly hinge means the lid stays open while pouring, so it doesn’t create a mess by getting in the way of the liquid’s flow, and the teardrop orifice eliminates glugging by allowing air to pass over the outbound stream of liquid.

Companies appreciate the closure for a variety of reasons - the flat top ensures easy integration into existing lines, and the LiquiFlapper’s contemporary look ensures the package is perceived as a more upscale item, driving brand preference through improved shelf impact. 

Thanks to Weatherchem and its LiquiFlapper closure, package designers can rely on the closure to create a positive “defining moment” between the package and the consumer, another example of how Weatherchem provides innovative closures that both companies and consumers value.

Weatherchem’s NutraGen II is a closure that offers a clear benefit to a fast-growing consumer segment, and by so doing, offers a clear benefit to the company that chooses to compete in this market.

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