The new Pulsator line, by Nest Filler


Nest-Filler, a Korean firm specializing in cosmetic packaging, has recently designed and released an interesting new line of containers. The new 'Pulsator' line features a sponge tip applicator which pulsates to apply the product more effortlessly into the skin.

Customers typically use a sponge puff, brushes, or their hands to apply foundations or BB cream products. However, with this newly designed technology, customers can enjoy a much more useful tool for their color base products.  The Pulsator not only applies the product, but also fills the uneven surface of the skin thanks to the  precise movement of the sponge, helping them to achieve a more even application.

Also offering excellent product compatibility, the Pulsator line provides the most efficient and innovative way of applying products to the face and body for just about any purpose.

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Global packaging trends have taken a lot of companies worldwide the route of seeking to house their wares in packaging that is more environmentally sensitive as well as compatible with the product. While different sorts of packaging seem to offer different substances more or less reactions, PP is a fairly neutral material that can contain a broad range of substances. Nest Filler's latest PP range is an excellent choice for just about any product offered in the personal care or cosmetic spaces.

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Nest Filler continues its seemingly unstoppable foray into the worldwide market. To date, the firm's international presence has enjoyed success thanks to a number of innovative lines. Nest Filler is known far and wide as a supplier of glass pieces, as well as unique airless products and dispensing containers simply not found elsewhere. The company's bid to snare more market share has proven to be wildly successful, in part due to a number of glass items introduced into the high end beauty and personal care markets.

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