Nest-Filler's Dial Jar for cosmetic and personal care products


Nest Filler has a released an interesting new jar concept especially indicated for creams, thick gels, and other viscous products. The new jars feature an innovative ratcheting system that allows the consumer to "dial in" a perfect dose by simply twisting the top.

The new concept in jars function without having to use a costly airless system. By twisting the dial, an internal piston is screwed up inside, pushing the formula up and out through the perfectly sized aperture. The jars also feature a simple "draw-back" function in case of over-dosing: all the consumer needs to do is twist the closure in the opposite direction in order to suck the product back into the jar reservoir. Currently available in 30ml and 50ml capacities, the jars offer a "nice twist" on the standard jar concept.

Also offering excellent product compatibility, the jars are suitable for both high end and masstige formulas. Since the dispenser aperture is a fair size, the jars are ideal for housing very thick creams and other high viscosity products. As they're top-filled, they're easy to integrate into existing filling lines.

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