New Glass Bottle Design with Dispensers: S-type PUMP


The professional Korean packaging supplier, Nest-Filler Packaging, has recently released a new glass packaging solution for beauty, skincare and cosmetic brands. It is an egg shaped glass bottle that fits perfect with three different dispensing systems: a lotion pump, a spoid dropper, or a push-button dropper.

Each dispenser type functions well on individual dispensing purpose while fitting perfectly in the glass bottle.

With 30ml capacity, the glass bottle is compatible with wide variety of delicate product.

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Clean and sustainable approach to balm products: Mono PP Refillable Grinder

With our Refillable Grinder, you can grind the balm onto the palette effortlessly by turning the dial. The precise grinding system helps you accurately dispense the required amount. It maintains the purity of the product until the very end by limiting your interaction to the unused contents. Furthermore, by utilizing a thin narrow blade slit to dispense the product, this grinder jar prevents the exposure of its contents to outside air and effectively preserves the formula from deteriorating.

Droppers With a Pop of Color: The Angel Ring Droppers

NEST-FILLER PKG's newly designed Angel Ring Dropper was inspired by the rings of angels, the dropper uses two-toned rings in the collar to create a stand-out piece, with pops of colors, improving products visibility on the shelves. What’s more is that the dropper has been assembled without the use of glue, meaning that the use of toxic substances has been reduced. For an even more sustainable measure, The Angel Ring Dropper can also be produced in PCR PP upon request.

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