Nest-Filler Packaging's latest design - The Downward Airless Compact


Based in South Korea, Nest-Filler Packaging embraces the most advanced packaging development and technology that has always been leading beauty and cosmetic packaging trends by providing noticeable innovation ahead of time. The firm's latest design – the Downward Airless Compact - features a back filling mechanism and easy to use concept that benefits both contract manufacturers and consumers.

With a sufficient capacity of 15ml, the airless compact is compatible with numerous cosmetic products including certain formulas of high viscosity and is a best packaging solution for face make up products.

It has several major features that differentiates itself from any compact available in the market. With most of the common airless compacts, consumers usually have difficulty to identify if a product has been used till the last drop. But with this new Downward Airless Compact, it's easier to find out. The mechanism within compact is to push the top plate to work while the whole pumping system slowly moves downward that pumps out product (please refer to the image indication). It makes sure there's no remains in the packaging before being tossed into the bin.

What's more remarkable of the innovated features that Nest-Filler has achieved is whenever anyone drops the compact, the unique piston design within the pump system maintains in straight position and works well for pumping out product, unlike any other airless compact in the market that a shake might cause packaging malfunction.

The entire airless mechanism movement is based on its vacuum pressure within the component reservoir as well as its very own weight pressing downwards that pushes product out. It makes sure each dosage comes out of a vacuum sealed status. It's a guarantee of contamination-free personal hygiene product.

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