Stylish mono-material cream jar


Without a doubt, the latest hot issue in the cosmetics industry is the environment. Nest Filler offers an ideal cosmetic packaging that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, easily recycled and beautifully designed.

Its stylish mono-material cream jar is produced in full PP, providing the best compatibility and stability that can then all be recycled: A highly effective option to protect our planet and a great step towards respecting nature and resources.

The jar is offered with 2 design options; a soft rounded edge and a stronger angled edge, and each cap and jar can be mixed and matched to produce different options. Each option is available in capacities of 50g, 80g, 100g and 150g.

As an additional benefit for the environment and the customer, Nest Filler offers its stylish mono-material cream jar in a matte or gloss finish which is prepared directly from the mould, instead of separate decoration - saving on superfluous environmental pollution and decoration costs.

Environmental benefits:

  • 100% PP = 100% recyclable
  • Light-weight - reduces plastic & carbon footprint
  • No glue or gasket
  • No pollution from decoration

For further details, contact Nest Filler.

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Nest Filler continues its seemingly unstoppable foray into the worldwide market. To date, the firm's international presence has enjoyed success thanks to a number of innovative lines. Nest Filler is known far and wide as a supplier of glass pieces, as well as unique airless products and dispensing containers simply not found elsewhere. The company's bid to snare more market share has proven to be wildly successful, in part due to a number of glass items introduced into the high end beauty and personal care markets.

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