Clean beauty packaging: An eco-innovation for the planet


The clean beauty trend is rapidly gaining popularity as consumers wish to enjoy cosmetics safely. Sustainable packaging is the clear next step for the trend, offering clean beauty in clean packaging.

A perfect solution for clean beauty packaging is Nest Filler's mono-material Dial Cream Jar. Manufactured in polypropylene, this single-material jar maintains the product formulation free from contamination due to its dial pumping system.

The playful pack is very simple to use. By spinning the dial, the consumer primes the amount of product required for application ensuring that exactly the right amount is expelled ready to be massaged into the skin.

Clean from first to last

Offering excellent compatibility and stability for the cream product, Nest Filler Packaging's mono PP Dial Cream Jar has no gasket and no glue. The 100% PP pack is easy to dispose of when the product has been depleted and can be fully recycled without disassembly.

"Manufactured in Korea, our mono-material PP Dial Cream Jar ensures that the cream is kept safe from external contaminants throughout the product's life. Then, once the product has been used, the pack can simply be disposed of together as a single piece into the recycling stream. It's clean and easy from first until last - a sustainable, recyclable pack that is ideal for the clean beauty trend."

This perfect solution for clean beauty packaging from Nest Filler is currently available in a 50g capacity and is also compatible with high viscosity formulations.

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Nest Filler continues its seemingly unstoppable foray into the worldwide market. To date, the firm's international presence has enjoyed success thanks to a number of innovative lines. Nest Filler is known far and wide as a supplier of glass pieces, as well as unique airless products and dispensing containers simply not found elsewhere. The company's bid to snare more market share has proven to be wildly successful, in part due to a number of glass items introduced into the high end beauty and personal care markets.

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