OCR Glass: Refillable, Recyclable and Stylish


In response to environmental concerns, consumers are exploring new products in a more sustainable way and cosmetic brands desire to differentiate themselves from others in an environmentally friendly way. NEST-FILLER PKG wants to support cosmetic brands on their sustainable journey and meet the current consumers' needs.

NEST-FILLER PKG launched its One Click Refill GLASS jar which is refillable and 100% recyclable. OCR-GLASS reveals a sleek and smooth appearance, offering the easiest refill technology at the same time with its patented one-click refill system.

Its outer jar is made of infinitely recyclable glass, and the rest of the parts are constructed from PP material. This allows for the parts to be recycled fully after being refilled multiple times. In addition, the gasket inside the PP cap can be easily removed with a pre-cut line. Users can effortlessly lift the cut-line with their finger and pull out the gasket and PP cap separately. 

[Materials of OCR Glass]
Cap : PP
Refill Cap : PP
Lid : PP
Inner Jar : PP
Outer Jar : GLASS
*PCR PP is available

The patented One Click Refill cream jar has a classic versatile design, that when opened, reveals innovative features.

Once the cap is unscrewed, users can clearly see PUSH mark engraved on the neck of the jar. With a light and simple click on this part, consumers can easily eject the PP inner jar from the GLASS outer jar.

Also, the patented structure makes it easy and convenient to put a brand-new refill jar back into the outer jar without any special instructions. By combining a refillable inner jar with a stylish endless reusable outer jar, the lifetime of the product is surely extended.

COME and SEE more primary packaging at NEST-FILLER PKG’s booth during PCD PARIS 2024.

* DATE.  17-18 January 2024

* PLACE. Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

              Booth. H130

* TIME.   state your most convenient time


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